Add visual power to your conference with Web Conferencing! Bow Communications Web Conferencing Services is a hosted service, eliminating the need for investment in hardware, software installation, and maintenance. Your Bow Communications Web Conferencing Services can be tailored to your company's needs with configurable features and a rich set of interactive, multimedia meeting features that enable communication and collaboration worldwide.

Would your last conference call have been more productive if you had been able to use visual aids? Would it have helped to be able to share the documents, programs, or applications you were working on with your co-workers? Of course it would! If everyone could see the same thing on their screen at the same time, and make changes and comments in real time, everyone would probably leave the conference call feeling like their time was much more productive.

Take advantage of Bow Communications Web Conferencing Services to conduct you next meeting with customers, partners, or within your workforce. From sharing presentations or documents, to Web tours, to full application and desktop remote control, Bow Communications Web Conferencing Services offers the most comprehensive, flexible and dynamic communications environment on the Web.

Companies use Bow Communications Web Conferencing Services in combination with an audio teleconference as the basis for highly interactive applications including sales, customer service, training, marketing, engineering, and business development. In fact, all types of companies are realizing the benefits of Bow Communications Web Conferencing Services to expand their communications capabilities.

Features & Benefits:

    • Customizable, Flexible Service - Supplement your Bow Communications Web Conferencing Services with the wide variety of features available through audio conferencing.
    • Presentation Sharing - Allows any meeting participant to spontaneously share any presentation without uploading the file to a server. Allows very high resolution with full screen viewing capability.
    • Document Sharing - Allows meeting attendees to jointly view ANY document or graphic with high resolution, multi-level zooming and annotation capabilities.
    • Application Sharing - Users can run any software application for effective live demos and training.
    • Application Share Control - The presenter can share control of any software application with others in a meeting, for unmatched interactive meetings on the Web.
    • Web Co-browsing - Allows easy sharing of Web-based information. Any participant can navigate the Web and synchronize the browsers of other participants.
    • File Transfer - Users can conveniently upload and download files. (Note that files can be shared without being transferred.)
    • Desktop Sharing - Presenters can share anything on their PC system, including any application, for unmatched live demos and training sessions.
    • Desktop Share Control - Customer support personnel can take control of a user's PC system (with the user's approval) to instantly provide live assistance and resolve problems immediately.
    • Browser-based - No software installation, configuration or updating is required, for rapid setup and deployment. All Bow Communications Web Conferencing Services meetings run in a standard browser.
    • Scalable - Supports hundreds of concurrent meetings with thousands of participants.
    • Reliable - Runs on the Bow Communications Web Conferencing Services Interactive Network, a globally distributed, fully-meshed, fault-tolerant, carrier-grade network that provides scalable, reliable and secure interactive communication and collaboration services worldwide.
    • Java Client - Enables platform-independent meeting participation.
    • Security - Works with existing firewall technology, offers unlisted meetings, password protection and encryption to protect sensitive data.
    • Video Integration - With a simple desktop video camera, video conferencing is enabled.
The Native Windows Client Requires:
  • Intel Pentium Processor, 166MHz with windows 95,98 or NT
  • MS Internet Explorer 4.x or higher, or Netscape Communicator 4.x or higher
  • 56kbps Internet Connection or better

Java Script and Cookies Enabled Java Client on Window Requires:

  • MS Internet Explorer 4.x or higher, or Netscape Communicator 4.x or higher

Mac OS or Unix Requires:

  • Power PC (G3 preferred)
  • MS Internet Explorer 4.x or higher, (Netscape does not yet support Java 1.1)
  • MJR 2.1.4 (Macintosh runtime for Java) For Java on Solaris or Linux:
  • Netscape Communicator 4.6 
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