Flat Rate Conference Calling Service
This type of service is a great alternative to Toll Free Conferencing as it can offer you big savings. Because it is Flat Rate, you never pay participants per minute charges. You can make as many conference calls as you like, and they can be as long as you need. Since it is reservationless, you have complete control over scheduling. There are no start up or cancellation fees. You are billed month-to-month on the plan that suits you based on how many participants, and that's it!
It is so easy to use. All participants dial in to the conference bridge and are prompted to enter their pin number. They enter their pin number and they are connected.

Bridge access numbers are located in the United States. Our existing 'unlimited flat rate' customers do not care that the access numbers are not local to them because of the extremely favorable economics of this plan --unlimited daily use with no per minute charges.


How some clients access the flat rate 'unlimited' conference call plan without paying any long distance charges:
  • Using an unlimited long distance plan provided by their own local phone company.
  • Using their cell phone with nationwide calling.
  • Client's in Canada, using an unlimited long distance plan to call the lower 48.
  • Receiving reimbursement by an employer for long distance expense.
Pricing for 24/7 Dedicated System is only $25 per month!
Also available Toll Free Conferencing starting at 2.9 cents per minute.


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