Tell a Powerful Story with Video, Sound, and Power Point
The incredible popularity of web sites like You Tube and the skyrocketing prevalence of high-speed internet access have caused an explosion in video communicating, both for personal use and increasingly for business. Companies are searching for new tools to make video communication effective, easy, and affordable.   

Quick and Easy Video Communication
Proclaim is a rich media webcast communication tool designed for professional communications, adding PowerPoint slides and rich media clips to any presentation. Proclaim lets you easily create recorded video messages that are availableb on demand or hold live meetings with a single click.

Proclaim stores a library of video / audio content and PowerPoint slides to roll in at any time to compliment the presentation. You call on just the right media pieces from your playlist to add substance and style to each personalized video meeting or message.

Live meetings allow for personal interaction with video or text chat, and recorded video messages give the recipient the convenience of viewing anytime - unlike an interuptive phone call or another plain text e-mail.

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Online Video is an Effective Sales & Marketing Tool
Research has shown that shorter, more engaging video messages are very effective for corporate communications. When someone sees your face and hears you talking, it makes a world of difference over an e-mail or phone call. Add to that video clips of customer testimonials, product shots and the like, you have a pretty compelling package. With video, you make a meaningful connection and you stand out of the crowd. For people who work in sales, video messages offer an easy and cost-effective way to stand out and givea boost to the sales cycle.
It Makes Streaming Easy ...
All kinds of business people are eager to use video for communication and marketing, and Proclaim gives you that power without requiring an advanced degree in video production.

Our mission with Proclaim has continually been to make it more robust while at the same time maintain its simplicity and ease of use. Proclaim was designed to improve the value and ease of communicating with video. The Application is designed for use in sales, marketing, business, training, product launches and more.
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