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Imagine that you are talking to one or more clients or colleagues on the telephone, and need to use a slide, spreadsheet, floor plan or anything else from an application on your computer to illustrate the point you are trying to make. In the past there would have been no easy way to get the information in front of everyone immediately, securely and cost effectively.
Using unique patent pending technology, Start Visuals lets you select and then display any material from your computer onto the screen of any device that can access the Internet. It's fast and transparently easy for your clients. Start Visuals Web Conferencing is available as a Flat Rate unlimited usage package or as a usage based low cost per minute platform where you pay only for the time and connections used.
Flat Rate Web Conferencing
Finally you can add unlimited monthly web conferencing to your audio conferencing for a low cost, total conferencing experience. Start Visuals provides all the features you need, yet it's simple and practical. You, as chairperson, control what they see and when they see it. Present to prospects and associates around the world in real-time with just one click.

Start Visuals Web conferencing is designed to meet the Web conferencing needs of today's enterprises. Participants can attend a Start Visuals conference with just an internet connection and a browser. Web conferencing empowers users to share presentations and documents online - anytime, anywhere.

Audience friendly
There is no software to load. Your participants need nothing more than an internet connection and a web browser. Start Visuals is also "fire-wall friendly" which means that just about anyone who can browse the internet can attend your presentation.
One-click publishing of Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Word, PDF or Excel files
Flip "slides" easily for your participants, page through a document, or move from worksheet to worksheet. Now you can store up to 10 presentations in your Start Visuals account, with SSL encryption your documents are secure and ready when you need them.
Web tours
Take your audience on tour on the Web. They don't have to hunt for links to follow along. You control what is being viewed in the meeting.
Application Sharing
Share an application (single program or window) on your computer or share the entire desktop. Participants will see what you are doing in near real time, including your mouse movements and keyboard typing. With Start Visuals, you can share control of your application or desktop with your guests which allows you to collaborate on documents, conduct interactive training programs. Includes Remote Control Desktop sharing for Helpdesk and troubleshooting.
Start Visuals now has a built in recording feature which allows you to archive your webinar. Start Visuals captures both the web and audio portions of the presentation. The archive is delivered in a flash file immediately following your presentation.
Easy Web Based Access
Start a Web conference on a whim during a call, or e-mail an invitation in advance. Participants need just the URL and entry code.
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